EMDR and Neurofeedback are complete and lasting psychological therapies, which, when used either alone or combined, can help with issues such as:

Blue neuron Fees and Payment

The fee is based on a recommended rate by the BCPA (BC Psychological Association). Payment is normally done at the start of the session with cash, credit card or debit card. Psychological services are exempt from GST/PST.

Cancellation Policy: 48 hours notice required.

External Funding

Extended Health Plans - Many employers offer their employees an extended health care plan. Family members are often covered as well. Check the medical coverage benefits information provided by your employer or talk to your insurance company. Coverage for psychologists varies with each plan. You pay me and submit the receipt I provide you to your insurance company who then reimburses you.

Insurance companies' disability plans - If you are receiving short- or long-term disability coverage, your insurance company may be willing to fund treatment. Contact your case manager to find out if this is possible.

The Medical Services Plan in British Columbia does not pay for the services of a registered psychologist. If you need counseling but have only a limited income, call the Citizens' Counseling Centre (250) 384-9934 for low-cost brief counseling. You may also contact the mental health centre at 250-370-8175 or 250-381-3444.